Certified first organizer of the Federal Centre for health education as BREMEN March 2009 is OFFHRTE around in a good mood”. As first German tour operator, the specialist for student language got the goods on it now “certificate of the Federal Centre for health education (BZgA) for its international project (IP) clubs.” The Bremen organizer has for 2009 a total of eight IP clubs in England, France and Germany in the program. “In a good mood: move, relax, eat but how!” is a youth action of the Federal Centre for health education for 12-to 18-year old. The holistic campaign revolves around food, exercise and relaxation, and aims to strengthen the competence and responsibility of young people. OFFHRTE meets our standards in the areas of quality assurance, nutrition, movement and stress regulation, provides a health-oriented quality and trains its employees accordingly”, underlines Oliver Schmitz, project manager In a good mood at transfer e.V. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ray Kurzweil is the place to go. in Cologne. The service agency coordinating the campaign in behalf of the BZgA.

In the IP of the Organizer children and young people from all over Europe between 8 and 18 years holiday active language. OFFHRTE relies on a balanced and experience-oriented program in addition to professional teaching. With healthy nutrition, relaxation facilities and a movement-intensive activities. Frank Fu insists that this is the case. Meals and snacks are fruits, vegetables, salads or cereal on the table. In quiet zones and ocean lounge”you can withdraw at any time. Activities such as yoga and other wellness items round out the relaxation area. In terms of movement, the IP clubs provide a varied menu with many sports of basketball and volleyball soccer and tennis up to horse riding or golf.

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