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The success of pharmaceutical marketing strategy is not based on tools but on the people who manage them and conducts tactical operations to achieve the objectives set. Digital pharmaceutical marketing aims to obtain the best results from the budget, get relevant traffic from all the specialists of greater importance to analyze and optimize the information in Depending on the therapeutic needs. The Internet means a big change in thinking and consider strategies for the promotion of pharmaceutical products and the objectives of the pharmaceutical industry. It is very likely that the personal contact of sellers of pharmaceutical products and medical sales representatives or representatives has certain advantages, it is, most of the times very effective since it uses the time in informal dialogues constituting an obstacle to the effective promotion and rational use of time. In this century of the cyber space doctors and pharmacists in a large percentage use the Internet frequently in search of useful information to expand their knowledge.

Digital platforms that can provide selected medical and pharmaceutical information will constitute a way of shortening the time of navigation in addition to show them alternatives to prescription with pharmacological data supported for awakening confidence in medical platforms of information of the laboratories. Some research informed us that including patients seeking information on their pathologies on the Internet many in order to understand the pros and cons of them. Certain patients seeking information on an illness or particular medication in a large percentage. Digital pharmaceutical marketing should be directed to physicians, pharmacists and patients seeking to learn as well as opinion leaders allowing to interact with them to provide them with the information that interests them rather than providing large and costly printed which will be disposed of by its volume. Know what the specific needs against a disease or certain treatment, will be truly effective and the way to do this is the Internet. Pharmaceutical marketing must be oriented to think in the digital era since the behavior of physicians is no different to other professions in which Internet usage is quite broad. The pharmaceutical industry should note this fact to implement new Digital strategies.



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