Perfect Hair

But this method is associated with the risk of a pretty significant burns to the adjacent skin cells, up to the emergence of scarring and other problems. With electrolysis hair follicle is destroyed by an electric current is very thin needle that is inserted into the skin. This procedure is neither quick nor painless, besides result depends on the skill of the specialist performing the procedure. With the technological advancements in laser technology has come cosmetology and laser hair removal has become one of the most popular methods of laser cosmetology. With laser hair removal hair follicle is destroyed by heating during the absorption of laser light dark skin pigment – melanin.

For a long time, laser hair removal is recommended only for people with fair skin and dark hair – this combination can significantly reduce the risk of burns. And, of course, laser hair removal is not suited to people and dark skinned people with very fair hair. To date, Laser technology has advanced significantly and the company's engineers have developed a technique LINLINE GmbH laser hair removal, which eliminates the risk of burns to people of all skin colors and hair. This is the only unique in the world laser hair removal technology that could be used even by people with dark skin. Laser technology LINLINE operates strictly selective – are affected only by the hair, skin cells are damaged. This technique is not require refrigeration, which is binding in any other devices, and therefore absolutely no risk of adverse effects. Laser technology – is not only safe and highly hair removal, laser cosmetic clinic specialists LINLINE offer a number of other procedures based on laser technology – laser peels, photo rejuvenation, acne treatment, and others. Laser techniques in the first place distinguished by the fact that the skin is not damaged, it is non-invasive sparing technique, but at the same time giving great results, it is capable of replacing means of plastic surgery. Its specialists LINLINE, having in its arsenal of unique technologies (which are no longer in any other clinic!), to help you solve any cosmetic problems and achieve the perfect body quickly and safely.



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