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The white of their audience focuses rather on private collections or personal, clubs, churches, schools or public libraries, has the potential to be universal. Unfortunately, the circulation module can handle only the postal codes of the United States; internationalization is done using multilingual templates. Opensiblio runs under Linux or Windows, any Web Server, PHP, and MySQL. Currently in a fully developed catalogue, circulation module and with the help of USMARC cataloging. DSpace: Is an open source software designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and HP Labs to manage repositories of files (textual, audio, video, etc.), facilitating your deposit, organizing them in communities, assigning them metadata and allowing their dissemination to collectors or aggregators.

These features have made, it is one of the favorite application for academic institutions to manage the repository where the researchers deposit their publications and materials of search in order to give them a greater visibility. The analysis performed on the tools in free software used to create digital collections was performed according to indicators such as: type of license, open source software, database, programming language, language markup, operating system, metadata, document format, Protocol, webserver and compatibility among them. The total of the tools presented general public license, which are developed for non-profits distribution, i.e. that we can download the application from the web free of charge. They are also open source (open source) is a term that applies to programs whose source code is available to the public, this associated with free software, since open source programs are appropriate for any programmer can improve, fix, extend or adapt them to their needs or those of a particular community. In reference to the management and utilization of database, we can see that each application has a different handle, however do not remove possibility of compatibility between them, since through the structure, protocols and metadata can be information sharing in between them.

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