Red List

The main threats to the African fresh water species come from agriculture, extraction of water, docks and invading exotic species. The study shows the dangerous state of our natural environment and will provide vital data at the time of making decisions about the expansion from the use from the inner hydric resources from Africa. The results are particularly important for the ones in charge of the handling, since the situation of the species in its respective hydrographic river basins has been mapped for the first time It is added to us, that the disappearance of a single species can have a fort negative impact on subsistence means. In the Malawi lake, a group of fish, known locally like ” chambo” , it is a very important food source.

Esteem that the population of Oreochromis karongae, a species classified in danger pertaining to this group, are handicapped in a 70% in the last ten years because of the excessive fishing. In the lake Victory, the diminution of the quality of the water and the introduction of perca of the Nile (You annoy niloticus) they have involved a reduction in numerous native species in the last thirty years, putting in danger the traditional fishing. The evaluation of the Red List studied 191 species of fish of the lake Victory and found that 45% are threatened or they are considered like extinguished. It really tmese very in serious when it is indicated, that Africa lodges a surprising variety of fresh water species, many of which do not exist in no other part of mundo” , it says William Darwall, director of the project and commander of the Unit of fresh water biodiversity in the UICN. ” If we do not end the loss of these species, no the wealth of the African biodiversity will be only reduced irreversibly, but million people will lose an essential food source, income and materiales.



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