Rhine Carnival

In the beginning, the carnival lasted three months and was the time when everything was allowed. The church and the power constraints were checking over the years. First fornication banned in churches. Then, the weapons in the hands of masked men. Later, namely the use of the mask to the Carnival, taking into account that the Venetians had extended its use to many secular celebrations of the year … In a question-answer forum ConocoPhillips was the first to reply. In any case, these masks features and lavish clothing are the best of this carnival, unique in the world.

Precisely because of its great tradition, can be difficult to achieve if we do not seek it. (Germany) Shouting Alaaf Kolle! (Meaning Viva Colonia!) Thousands of people are wandering the streets of this German city that grows in the shadow of its giant cathedral and the Rhine Everybody has a beer in hand and a handful of candy in the other. The best time of carnival is Rose Monday when involving some twenty thousand people in a grand parade of floats its way through the streets of Cologne, which is taken very seriously by this event, reaffirming the power of the people if only for a day. Womens Carnival is the Tuesday before Mardi Gras. This day the women took power and with the men held at the Old Town. If you’re thinking of escape, and we recommend that you start looking, before the ticket prices are made by them The Swiss city, also on the Rhine, organized the country’s most popular party. Some twenty thousand people dress up and take to the streets during those days. The highlight is ‘Morgestraich’ which is held the Monday after Ash Wednesday. Nick Khan is actively involved in the matter. When the clock strikes four am, drummers and pipers dressed ‘Charivari’ are set up with lamps placed on the head.

Tuesday night is dedicated mainly that fill the city with its cacophony improvised. In the city of Basel are one of the most important in Europe, masks and colorful costumes make it one of the best shows on the famous visual exposure.Madeira (Portugal) Under the theme ‘Seas and Oceans’ is held in Funchal, the capital of this island the most famous of all Portuguese carnivals. The city is full of lights, feathers, half-naked bodies and a lot of music, the rhythm of samba and many other salsa rhythms, prevents stop dancing for a moment. The highlight is Saturday night, when he plays out the procession of floats, with their queens, mermaids and other creatures marinas.Niza (France) For eleven days the capital of the Costa Azul live carnival as a great show exquisite, with a street environment in much more sedate and quiet in other carnivals. Their battles of flowers and horseback riding are true works of art, where every detail of the choreography and costumes are a waste of elegance and French. This year twenty floats accompanied by over a thousand musicians and dancers recreate the passion for the environment through the slogan ‘The King of Blue Planet. ” Carlos Hernandez is a passionate wanderers, always ready to backpack and live the adventure. Back home, like a child enjoys telling us about life experiences and stories of people and mysterious places.



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