Rolling Stones

In early October in Moscow hosted the annual exhibition showcasing the latest achievements of audio and video industry. Now it is called Premium Hi-Fi & Home Theatre 2008", so that the emphasis on luxury segment is obvious. Preliminary relocation of youth-media technology in the "Crocus Expo" has benefited, and the exhibitors and visitors. And really, this time considerably diminished idle audience that filled the "Congress Hotel" in previous years. Visitors generally decreased, but this seems to asked questions, and bearable estimated to have been highly targeted audience.

A characteristic feature of the new format – an abundance of tube amps and turntables, the "correct" music (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Doors, Rolling Stones) and a negligible amount of dark rooms with roaring multichannel theaters. And those that were not showing "The Fifth Element", and especially music DVD. And what does it is encouraging, it was a lot of good, and sometimes wonderful sound. And it is in hotel rooms that were previously considered unsuitable even for demonstration hi-fi average. As one of the participants with whom I shared my observations, "the client has learned to listen.

Now it's just beautiful lamps and piano lacquer no fetch. " Came many foreign representatives (interviews with some of them see below), and most of them were optimistic – a black cloud then only the global crisis on the horizon appeared. When writing these lines, all were covered with his head already, and what will happen next is unclear. Though by all accounts it was pre-miumny segment is experiencing minimal disruption – expensive equipment purchased by distributors, not on credit, and to order the full prepayment. I remember in the 1998 mass technique tightly locked up in stores, while sales of plasma panels increased. And now the greatest difficulty have to refinance commercial networks, which have nothing to buy goods. At the same time praised the heroism and the organizers of listening: to bring Peter out of a load, unpack, and three days to send back – quite a feat.

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