Security System

Integrated Security System (CRS) may be a large-scale one-off project or an ultimate goal of a phased equipping of technical means of security. Installation of a comprehensive security system will integrate various security systems (burglar and fire systems, cctv systems, etc.) and a single set of technical security, and not a set of unrelated, individual security systems. Comprehensive security system includes three main security system. Firstly, it is security and fire alarm system (OPS), which can detect pockets of fire in the early stages, quickly alert people about the dangers and prevent the entry of offenders into the room. Another important component of crs is a system of access control systems (ACS).

The system allows control of movement area of the building and grounds, to restrict access to certain premises, to restrict access to undesirable persons. Coordinated work of the whole complex of safety measures is impossible without surveillance systems. This system allows you to effectively prevent crime, control the interior and the surrounding area. All data is stored in video archives. Modern surveillance systems are reliable, easy to operation and does not require specially trained personnel. In addition, the customer an integrated security system can be integrated with an alert sound, and for organizations with large fenced area – perimeter security systems. The main advantage of an integrated security system integrates all the security systems, is that it is a single database of all systems and is equipped with a single working place, which receives all the information and displays it in a convenient form. This allows one or two security officers to control a large object, and significantly reduces the costs of personnel and technical operation.



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