Sounds Equipment

However, never it was considered a viable media due to low communication speed, limited functionality and high cost of development. It has approximately thirty years was developed a device capable to again modulate and to inject in the electric net the sounds caught for a microphone, being this signal rescued in another place and converted into sound. This system was known for ' ' Eletrnica&#039 dribble; ' , being thus, when to bind to a device in the room of a child and the other in the room of its parents, the same ones had a monito-ramento of the child the certain distance. As well as ' ' Eletrnica&#039 dribble; ' , many equipment is capable to inject signals in the electric net. The great problem was that these signals did not have as controlled and to be uniformizados and finished intervening with other next equipment to the generating source. The control of the transmission of the signals, since its frequencies until the propagation levels, was only possible with the advance of the modulation techniques and multiplexao, that is, these signals can be injected in the electric net and be recouped in another place of trustworthy form, allowing to transmit different signals on one same environment. It could be thought, then, in transmitting given and to information using the handles of the electric net, thus minimizing the costs of installation of a conventional net and opening a chance for a digital inclusion almost that 100% in the country, in view of that the majority of the residences possesss electric energy, (HOWSTUFFWORKS, 2009). 2.COMPONENTES ELECTRIC This chapter presents studies of the involved electric components in the technology for Internet transmission saw net electric. 2.1.Indutores According to NISKIER and MACINTYRE (1992), the beginning of the generation of electric energy are based on the fact of that all the time that a conductor if puts into motion in the interior of a magnetic field appears in this conductor a difference of electric potential that also we call tension.



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