Storytelling: The Customer A Hero

Tell how to make your customers successful and what is the secret of your success. Let’s face it: What stories are told you in the hallways, in the canteen on the phone? What convey this mood in the company? Is the customer is hero or horror form? What is chattering by employees and by Aussendienstlern among the people? Which stories will be presented to the suppliers and partners? Best you tell about it, how to make your customers successful and what is the secret of your success. Fairy tales as an example people are very receptive to stories, because our brain thinks pictorial. The rational of the language is there translated into mental pictures and episodic. Brain researchers believe that any thinking and decision process of an inner mental cinema is accompanied. While we prefer stories with positive output. In their construction, you can orient yourself in popular fairy tales.

You have the following pattern: what was in the beginning (= the problem, the crisis)? Who (= the hero) what did (= good deed) with whose help (= fairy)? Where lurking dangers (= the adventure, the obstacles)? How did the whole thing (= victory, the Happy ending)? Very important when designing: from the viewpoint of the customers tell. Because the customer is the hero, the own company fairy godmother. CaaS Capital: the source for more info. The story should be short and simple. Mitchel Resnick has much experience in this field. Personal relevance promotes attention. Is namely something too long-winded or irrelevant, our brain on pulling switches. In the course of the story we want ups and downs us, it evokes emotions and creates tension.

So, we need dramatic twists, surprises and setbacks. But above all, an obstacle which finally was overcome. So, it comes to the happy conclusion. Our brain wants to the Happy ending. Because it is addicted to moments of happiness. Looking for customer stories crawl you once all internal communication media in search of positive customer stories: meeting protocols, staff newspapers, the intranet may you be startled Note: the customer is highly uncommon.

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