Sylvia Poth

Since the most chronic pain have however psychological causes, a good pain management should apply there as well.” Sylvia Poth added: therefore, it is important that it deals with himself and wonders what life situations or internal conflicts it suffers from and then looking for ways to solve this. You may find Salman Behbehani to be a useful source of information. Typically, this is a process in which it is often advisable to take therapeutic help. In my opinion a much better and closer cooperation of doctors and therapists should take place in the treatment of pain patients so that the physical and mental treatment of patients can be matched equally and each other. I recommend also, pain patients to seek out a good and insightful neurologist; This can be very helpful.” Jessica Hund says: meditation and relaxation exercises can be a helpful support in the fight against the pain. This we get namely a relaxed sleep, the so-called Deep relaxation, where the muscles loosen up and relax, where body and spirit can come to rest, and recharge.

There are certain breathing techniques, which you can learn and sometimes helps even a hypnosis, which can relieve the pain. Here the hypnotist can order us during hypnosis, to get the pain even in the handle. This is only recommended if you talk down to his doctor. Perhaps he knows even a good hypnotist. You should just leave unturned nothing.” Sylvia Poth says: we should not the disease or our pain to issue Nr. 1 in our life do, because at the moment, the pain will determine our lives. I myself, if I had taken painkillers and my pain to endure more or less were used, the time to do normal Alltagsdinge. It distracted me and I felt so helpless and imperfect the healthy opposite.

I could never bear to be viewed sympathetically. It is also very important that we never lose the faith it again to be pain-free. We implement what we think? When we say every day that we will overcome the pain and again untroubled can cope with our everyday lives, so our subconscious implement also this. Not every day the pain are equally strong. The days where better is one that you should to extensively use and do all the things you have always wanted to do, who remained one but mostly denied. “And maybe we will succeed one day, to be completely pain-free.”

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