Reconstruction and restoration of images – this task has to face more and more: for more than 100-year history of photography, in any family archives have accumulated a lot of photographs, and very often – the pre-war period! What can we say about their condition? Of course, calls for restoration of photos from the traces of time. Nothing goes in vain for old photos – the light, humidity, incorrect and frankly negligent storage demulsify, distort the very paper that makes the image contaminated, or unreadable at all. High-quality restoration of photographs allows us to take pictures almost new: digital technology makes it possible Scan and translate a black and white and color pictures into your computer, and further processing of images in Photoshop. What next? Old pictures can be recovered from virtually every state, and sometimes spend a beautiful painting, if you approach it with the necessary knowledge. All kinds of injuries or major point, in fact amenable to manual or automated remedial. But once you want to consider one BUT: if you lost an important detail of the frame (eg, divorced and lost), the true restoration of the pictures is problematic. This is the only fundamental constraint.

This work requires the involvement of the artist, although a specialist in rehabilitation of old Photos may also have such abilities. How to fix in Photoshop all the rest, treatable flaws? Need to start small: first, to correct the most common and minor abrasions and cracks. Then move on to bigger – the restoration of cracks in the photo using clone stamp tool or healing brush is available and the beginner. Note that in the process was left frankly lurid round traces of otherwise wasted effort almost nothing: who of the children enjoy picture with signs of correction in photoshop? In the next stage, you need to fix the spot. They can appear on anything, and left on the shot unpleasant feeling unkempt. They easily amenable to correction – because under them almost always visible and available for processing. After a phased restoration and colorization of old black and white photos, she was breathing freshness, safety, intact and originality – we came to the goal of our work. To fill his hand, teach techniques, not to smudge the precious staff should be sloppy work!

Technical Parts

Speaking of the technical part, where most features are not suffered any changes. 14-bit DIGIC 4 processor, a maximum resolution of Canon EOS 600D – 18-megapixel, CMOS-image sensor is APS-C – this combination provides an opportunity to not Depending on the circumstances enjoy the beautiful footage. However, it may be noted: only slightly decreased in size viewfinder, the sensitivity matrix was ISO 100-6400 units with extension 12800, frame coverage in D600 remains unchanged – equal to 95%, focusing with 9 points. In comparison with the previous series, increased continuous shooting speed. Earlier, it was 3.7 fps. In the new D600 this index increased 3.9.

Particularly pleased Technology Live View and Full HD. At first, it seems that almost all parameters are identical with the camera 550D. Only popolzovavshis new Canon EOS D600, once you realize that the hands hold a completely different camera – with a custom-designed WebBuilder interface is definitely a much Shirshov opportunities. The new camera will take great pictures even for a beginner photographer at the same time to deal with complex technical details are no longer needed – really cute camera from the creators of 600D. Now, delve into the details. Folding screen resolution of 1.040 million pixels, with a diagonal of 3 ', an aspect ratio of 3:2. Movable screen leans back on the angle of 175 degrees.

Then it can be tilt along the vertical axis of advance to 90, and up to 180. Very useful for those who happen to take pictures in unusual positions. Picture display is almost devoid of glare thanks to a special surface. Canon 600D camera can fully automatic self-analyze the situation and the stage, picking up best: the exposure, the appropriate mode for shooting color. In other words, now with Scene Intelligent Auto functions can be easily control the appearance of an image without having to worry about the technical details of work. In the Canon 600D in the first place the emphasis on the young 'photographer'. About what, once again speak and support the on screen prompts. SLR camera Canon EOS 600D can shoot video in Full HD (1080p). It is possible to switch instantly between still images and video recording. It is interesting, but the new Canon 600D camera, even at 10-fold increase, the video quality of Full HD does not worsen. Speed video recording can be set independently within the 24-30 fps. mode Full HD, and within 50-60 frames during video recording in 720p. To summarize, novice Canon EOS 600D has a mass of useful functions, easy to operate, designed for shooting video in Full HD, and photo, would send a time for beginners, but not in any way for the experienced photographer.

Packing Tape

Even a very short time ago and chevron stripes turned out to be a significant piece of military forms. But today things have changed, and today's beautiful and fashionable stripes are largely distributed not just in the military, but also as a purely civilian clothes people. The present-day badges are made of jacquard technology, as well as taking advantage of the latest development of the market of advertising services – flexography. With this technology, there is likely to produce intense chevrons with the most diverse images – advertise something or brand. Activation of these accessories to dresses always makes the outer appearance of each of us is more fashionable and decent. In particular, a substantial demand in the current chevrons and patches are among the young. In fact, patches for the moment remain off trendy focus.

In order to be perceived aesthetically, it is permissible to apply the various patches that have the opportunity to draw not just clothes, but in addition to, and handbags, and other trivia. Except already familiar stripes, which are often made to order with the correct or the most popular images and characters, an important extension to this and are characterized by different kinds of tapes. And also most demand for such items among young people. The use of ribbons in the costumes is an important feature of the Russian national costume. Indeed, the ribbon directly invariably considered to be exclusively elementary and at the same time striking way to demonstrate the individual appeal of the girl, dress up. Activation of ribbons today is not limited only to decorate, by the way, head- hats or clothing. Made of satin ribbons are utilized and to make unusual decorations and accessories. In view of considerable popularity and fame of this object oformitelnogo tape are utilized as and as an inexpensive and yet eye-catching promotional resource of mass information.

This can be in and packing tape, and ribbon adorns the silk, organza or satin. If this type of advertising applied to ribbon type material, it will not only effective and attractive, but also the monetary benefit component in the design output attire. In addition, at the moment ribbons are utilized as previously ubiquitous in human life precious moments – For weddings, birth of a baby, collective celebrations. Choose a beautiful accessories and oformitelnye items at the moment is simple. The most important thing – to focus on the cause of the engagement component as ribbons or badges. A way to achieve this purpose – the triumph and beauty.

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