The Internet

Throughout history of the medias of mass, the radio is presented as the way that more easily was adaptou to the new technological scenes, absorbing them to renew the technology of radiofnica communication. the veracity of this comment when understanding the history of the radio since the short waves can be observed, until the transmission in satellite and net and the culminncia of the current days with the webrdio. The hipermeditico style of the Internet, now used appeals to the almost all the resources of the communication in net, making to distinguish the modern medias among others aspects, for the interatividade, hiperligaes, personalization and constant update. The Internet is presented as a complementary support for the emissions in FM. At a first moment, the Internet can in such a way be faced as competition how much as challenge. Affirmations exist of that the webradios in the long run will be responsible for the substitution and consequence extinguishing of the radios even though of the transmission it saw satellite. Concomitantly, the radio saw Internet is also presented as a challenge, in sentidoda variety that the virtual world propitiates well for the challenge to the adaptation to the new half.

Some aspects of this new relation between relation radio and the Internet, must be considered. These aspects characterize and that they influence the form as the radio harnesses the structure of its communication having perspective the transformation imputed to the radio for the impact of the Internet. For in such a way one becomes necessary to consider the new possibilities of the radiofnica language favored by the multimedia and excessively component of the virtual way. This new estruturao of the radiofnica communication becomes in such a way of the elements that traditionally compose its language, how much of the proportionate alterations for the integration of some expressive models in the extension of this way for the Internet.



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