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In this situation the installation companies are forced to go to the different, sufficiently justified combination and substitution, that is, in fact, to take risks during the design and installation. Deficiencies in the design stage and installation. Will Townsend has similar goals. Currently, relatively few organizations really owns the project methodological apparatus of the design of modern plastic pipes. As a result, most project pipeline systems running in a general way, and construction organizations in the future have to make executive scheme is based on his vision and experience. To this we must add that the vast majority of plastic piping installers actually mastered the technology of assembling their own. Characteristics of various pipes and installation of the nuances are often not present. Without hesitation Brady Noon explained all about the problem.

However, Russia already operates a number of major companies that can comprehensively and at the advanced level to solve all the problems of water supply systems in relation to facilities for any purpose and any difficulty using the best plastic piping. Comparative characteristics of the properties of different types of plastic pipes Despite the fact that all the polymer tube determined by the general technical and operational characteristics, certain types of pipes (PE, PP, PVC, Pax, etc.) also have their own characteristics. Below is a brief description of the properties of different types of plastic tubes. Properties of polyethylene pipes temperature of polyethylene pipes from -70 0C to +60 0C (retains performance characteristics and durability, which allows the gasket, even in winter, at higher temperatures strength of PE is falling, and he is not able to withstand high pressure); increasing the capacity of polyethylene pipes with time (increasing the capacity of polyethylene pipes increases with time for two reasons: 1) diameter plastic pipe is increased during operation without loss of efficiency due to the phenomenon typical of polyethylene creep and this increase is about 1.5% for the first 10 years and about 3% over the life of the pipeline, and 2) the inner surface of polyethylene pipe eventually becomes soft and smooth, due to the swelling of the boundary layer of the polymer and the specific elasticity of the skin effect, which improves the flow tube wall and reduces the resistance to movement); elasticity (PE pipes are flexible enough that allows the pipes to 160 mm can be supplied consumers in the long coils of 100, 200 or more yards).



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