Theatre Signs

-Makeup: highlights the value of the face of the actor and along with mimicry, contributes to the physiognomy of the character (11). -The hairstyle: contributes, along with makeup and costumes, to make credible the character represented and provides fundamental data to decode the given sign. -Costume: it is the most conventional of defining man and almost always is linked to the signs belonging to other systems (12). -Accessory: autonomous system of signs located between the costumes and decor. -The decor: also called appliance theatrical or scenic or scenery, denoting the time and the place (geographical or social) (historical, station, time) of the dramatic to develop action. -Lighting: System of signs that show the scene depicted and valorise determined action, character, scenery, gesture, from the modeling done by light. -Music: contributes to the personification of the interpreter and the dramatic realization of the work. -Sound: here are considered the other noise, independent music, those caused by human behavior and the nature.

The theorist Roland Barthes for its part, also spoke about the systems of signs in the theatrical representation, and, for example, raised, referring to the theater: what is Theatre? A species of cybernetic machine. When it is in sleep mode, the machine is hidden by a curtain. e matter. When this rises the machine begins sending a series of messages (signals) in our direction. The originality of these messages is it flow simultaneously, but with different rhythms. In certain moments of the show we have simultaneously received six or seven messages (emanating from the scenography, costumes, lights, space in which actors, his gestures and words, of his mimicry are distributed). Some of these messages are stable (the scenery, for example), while others last for only an instant (words, gestures). In this way, we have to deal with a real informational polyphony. This is precisely theatricality: density and saturation of signs (in comparison with the) unilinealidad of literature) (13).



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