Trachotomie Mask

The applied Rails have historically derived from function orthodontic appliances. Lack of reliability, lower efficiency, common side effects and reduced comfort of orthodontic appliances have led to the development of the equipment with regard to the design and the materials used. Meanwhile, snoring rail can be “as a stand-alone device group combine, which meet specific structural and material technical requirements. The Rails move the lower jaw to the anterior and lock the bite; The Rails on the dental arches are retaining stabilized to permanently ensure the mandible feed in his sleep. Prior to the adjustment of a rail are different dental Requirements for the patients correctly to clarify, to ensure an effective and permanent application of the rail. The German society of Orthodontics (DGKFO) has currently adopted the theme and published recommendations for the specific indication of rail (5).

This article gives an overview of the disease and the various forms of therapy of OSAS. In particular discusses the possibility of treating with home. Historical outline the progress made in the diagnosis as well as in the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders (SBAS) in the last 40 years were huge. in 1965, for the first time, the Trachotomie was described as a causal treatment in the event of a severe OSAS in the 1980s, Sullivan led the CPAP treatment (continuous bethink airway pressure”) as a non-invasive therapies. This therapy is the pharynx using an air pressure pillar that stabilizes about a face mask over the nose is applied, and so before the kept repeating collapse during sleep. These devices were previously relatively loud, compact and the masks often uncomfortable, developed the CPAP devices technically enormously since the invention, this also affects the mask technique. For most patients, the application is easy, effective, and convenient. Meanwhile, so many different masks are offered that a most suitable mask can be selected for most patients.

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