Ural 4320 – This Crown Automobile Military Equipment

Ural 4320 – is the favorite car of military equipment. He became a legendary truck, which according to its specifications and, especially, opportunities surpasses many military vehicles of today. Firstborn Automobile – Car ZIS-5V "- made the documentation of the Moscow plant named after Stalin. It was a two-axle vehicle with on-board wheel formula 4×2 capacity of 3 tons came with a car engine ZIS-5M " increased to 76 hp power. Its top speed was 60 km / h. 20 July 1944 the first batch of cars new car factory was sent to the front, September 30 th car rolled off. Repair Parts Urals – the procedure required for the long life of reliable heavy-duty trucks. URAL is well known not only in Russia but also in countries near and far abroad.

JSC "Ural" among the top twenty global manufacturers of heavy trucks, ranking it eleventh. To make a long life of machines, it is imperative everywhere adjusted their delivery, to ensure the existence of centers that provide easy and quick access to spare parts, money to carry out car repairs Urals. Full range of quality spare parts from the manufacturer can always buy from authorized dealers and major suppliers of spare parts LLC Urals – one of the major suppliers of the Ural vtomobilnogo plant, an excellent reputation on the domestic market. Our company has been supplying parts since 1998. Here you can buy the parts you need at prices manufacturer. Catalogue submitted to our site, contains a complete list of spare parts with which you can make any repairs. In its policy, our company adheres to the optimal combination of price and quality. In addition, we have a flexible system of discounts for bulk and regular customers.

Our clients are protected from possible price increases: If you have already booked in the company Ural Spare Parts, which will be used to repair cars Urals price for delivery will be as set out in the contract, regardless of market conditions at the time of delivery. Spare Parts Order from OOO Ural parts – the quality assurance and time savings. We doing everything possible to save our clients' time. Total warehouse area OOO Ural Spares – 1950 sq.m. Not surprisingly, that any spare parts needed to carry out repair of automobiles Ural, almost always have in stock, and office location in close proximity makes the design and purchase of spare parts process, not time-consuming. We provide all the necessary documentation that demonstrates the quality of traded goods. You can order the necessary parts directly from our website by filling out a simple form. Spare parts Urals, which you can not find in the catalog, but wrote in the application will be delivered in the shortest possible time as the price of the manufacturer. The plan in 2011 to create a more comfortable environment for our customers in the database will be put into operation in trade and service center, which includes stores selling spare parts, Cafes, trucks and passenger car wash, tire service. Size of the complex on the law allows us to be the largest in the region supplier of automotive parts.



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