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It is very unusual, for example, that an organization wants to buy software factory services and is not prepared for This is. These diagnoses are real machines give scares. It is like going to the doctor to make you some evidence such as an x-ray or ultrasound, and at the time of fetching the diagnosis, you go with the soul in suspense, and suddenly the doctor speaks to you from diseases that you sospechabas not have. Even that headache, that you solucionabas with aspirin, hid one problem far greater productivity. If you would like to know more then you should visit Xcel Energy. Therefore, it is clear, based on our experience, when a client asks you to help focus your transformation model, first we started to understand the maturity of their development processes. This will be an important starting point to fix steps. Recently, in one of these diagnoses that we execute on a client (that CMMi2 was also certified), we saw the development process that had defined as wet paper.

Nobody used it with a few exceptions. They thought that with certification were beyond good and evil, however acknowledged that things were not going them well, and did not know by What. That Yes, engaged in a major effort to measure the processes that had. With these measurements they were able to have a great set of indicators, but as its defined processes not watched all the operations performed, nor were really institutionalized, variability in the execution of them was very high, therefore the indicators not really contributed visibility on how to improve. Recalling my previous blog entry, the analysis of indicators to improve productivity, will begin to make sense if the development process gives indicators that have a controlled variability. Put another way, if my organization is working in mode each with its booklet maestrillo variability of my process will be very high.

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