Agnes Heller

According to Patto, 1993: In view of advancing the marxist thought in the direction to give to account of the questions politics, social and economic that emerge in century XX, Agnes Heller dedicates sociological construction of a theory that presents philosophical alternatives and for questions that could not have been placed for Marx and its followers until recently, in the measure where they are current challenges. Using itself the constatao of that the subjectivity (in the direction of the individuality, the person, the citizen) was banished of the historical materialistic thought, it rescues it to Heller it places and it in the center of the historical process, understood as expression of the man in search of its humanizao. One of its main contributions to the marxism contemporary it is, therefore, the rank of the thematic one of the individual in the center of the reflections. individual the one that if it relates is not an abstract or bonanza individual, but yes the individual of the daily life, that is, the individual directed toward the necessary activities to its survival. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Petra Diamonds. Part of its writings is dedicated to the definition of the concept of ' ' daily life in general ' ' , that is, to the characterization of usual, independent life in the way of effective production. The daily life is the life of all man, therefore it does not have who is it are of it, and the man all, in the measure where, in it, all are ranks in functioning its directions, the intellectual and manipulative capacities, feelings and passions, ideas and ideologies. In other words, it is the life of the individual and the individual is always to be particular and to be generic (for example, the people works – an activity of the human sort -, but with particular motivations; they have feelings and passions – human being-generic manifestations -, but reveal in particular, cited way I and service of the satisfaction of individual necessities and the teleologia; the individuality contains, therefore, the particularitity and the genericidade or the human being-generic one). .



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