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We live in two global worlds: real (bio Physics) and IR-real (meta Physics). In addition to the conscious digital neuro physiological true perception of space-time dimension (= matter = energy information) we live constantly in the first, un-ter conscious analog dimension. These are the two worlds of subjective meta Physics (Plato, Lao Tzu) and objective Physics (Aristotle, Confucius). Our high active world (DRE, transcendence) is the first and the second quantitative passive world (creation, ratio, immanence). Even today, during the globalization phase of Western knowledge societies, there are still massive misunderstanding between the West and Asia/China. Despite such as common Charter of human rights and the joint Internet, despite intense trade relations and joint Olympics. Many German companies have failed two decades ago with their companies and free provided you know how.

Today, Chinese companies come to us and buy up successful companies and move complete manufacturing equipment to China. Meanwhile, China gives credit to the heavily indebted United States. We look at the causes: our bodies are notoriously self-organizing (nature: 1 conversion circuit with a pos./neg.) Feedback, evolution) part autonomous, natural open sub systems (Management 1st order) work that holistic and sustainable manner. We live with that in cultures created by human beings (innovative value chains, closed systems, Cybernetics 3rd order). People work Psy: soul (DRE) and somatic: body and soul (psyche, emotions, transcendence) and spirit (ratio, matter). So, we humans (mammals) are very successful in the evolution and are available at the end of close runs chain. We can feel and thinking holistically analytically, and act.

We can’t much but really good. But we could use the natural and industrial develop our cultures. Cultures are differentiated on the basis of different used human two brain Hemmispharen, the US people controlled analog (semi-autonomous body and soul, instinct Heart ‘) and the following her controlling digital (autonomous spirit, intuition (heart and mind) brain ‘) part.

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