The man then starts to be a technological being and its relations that long ago were based on the exploration of nature, in reason of the evolution of the technology, passes to be structuralized in domain of techniques that allowed it uses them for its ends, and still with the concern with the support and the continuity of the planet. It was initiated, therefore, third revolution: of the Information, that based in Technology of the Information redefined and reorganized all the society, modifying the values of wealth and redefining the concepts of social relationships, forms of work, sovereignty and borders. Today, in we do not give account to them of dependent quo we are of the technology and nor the least we stop to think perhaps as everything this started, either because they had been of such necessity that the people had been if adaptando without many difficulties: of the television to the microwaves, the carburetor to the electronic injection, of the periodical in paper for e-mails informative and to corroborate with this trip we cite Jean-Paul Jacob who illustrates in sufficiently intelligent way the dependence it man for the technology: ‘ ‘

The three products that had more penetrated in our life in the last five years had been foreseen by nobody: cellular, laptop and COMPACT DISC. Why nobody to obtain to foresee? Because the necessities of the people for information had been subestimadas, education and entretenimento’ ‘. Thus, technology comes favoring the quality and searching to facilitate the life of the people, however, nor everything is satisfactory as in the case of the electronic games. They increase the consequences of the people, but they vitiate on the other hand them, generating even though problems of medical order and serious mannering consequencias, as foreseen for Michael L. Dertouzos in its book ‘ What it will be? ‘ (1998): ‘ ‘ As the evolution of the width of band, of the capacity of the computers is of the interfaces, them certainly will be perfected, allowing faster, realistic actions and complex, incorporating the use of cells, it speaks, it windou walls and who even knows of third dimension and virtual suits.



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