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This type of net is recognized for its users as net without wire. In accordance with You would make (2006), ones of the advantages of the nets without wires is mobility, that is, the user in case that he possesss one notebook, will be able to dislocate itself throughout one definitive area, without the restriction of the extension of the handles. As Ross (2008) currently in the market exists 3 standards that if becoming popular and are incorporated the devices: IrDA, Bluetooth and IEEE 802.15. The biggest linked computer network currently popularly is known as Internet. In accordance with Polloni & Fedeli (2003) we can appraise the Internet as an enormous world-wide net of linked computers for common lines of telephone, private lines of communication, handles, diverse canals of satellite and other medias. The Internet appeared in the decade of 1970, during the Cold War between the United States and the extinct Soviet Union, from a military project, the ARP Anet.

Developed for the North American Department of Defense, the objective of the project was to create a linked computer network to the military bases North Americans and that she could continue functioning same that the central office of computers of the Pentagon was destroyed by an eventual atomic attack, taking to the chaos the military communications. (Polloni & Fedeli, Introduction the Computer science, the 2003) National Agency of Telecomunicaes (ANATEL) defines the Internet as the generic name that assigns the set of nets, the ways of transmission and commutation, roteadores, equipment and protocols necessary for the digital and analogical communication between computers, as well as ' ' software and the data contained in these computadores' '. However, beyond all these technologies presented during the introduction of this article, exist technology PLC? Power Line Communication. The justification for the elaboration of this study is to be able to contribute with the society and the corporative way, with inherent explanations and clarifications to this new technology, a time that, for being to deal with a subject, theoretically new, not existing documentation on the subject.



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