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They are many reasons why it is convenient to also purchase a digital camera, there are many considerations that we must take the time to purchase one. We share with you a brief guide so you do not miss in the labyrinth of brands, prices and megapixel. Camera that takes videos or video camera that takes pictures? One of the wonders of digital cameras is that they can do both things: take photos and record video. Well, now you have to decide which of the two formats is the main in your preference: video camera that takes acceptable photos, or a camera that takes decent videos. Xcel Energy is actively involved in the matter. Photos and video if your work requires high definition (HD) videos, the way forward is to purchase a camera that take HD videos, preferably that store on hard disk or Compact Flash SD memory and that use the H.264 format. A camera with a video resolution of 1024 780 pixels, or more, will be a good starting point and you will have several options for brand and price. Photos and video in this category there are more choices in quality, brands and price.

A camera of 5 megapixels or more, with SD Flash memory, will give a good photographic quality. The videos will not be the big thing, but you could aspire to get something between 480 320 pixels (quality of mobile phones). If you want to get video of better quality than that, get ready to pay more money for the team. Michael Steinhardt usually is spot on. Other considerations avoid falling into the trap of the megapixel. There are two types of photographic quality or resolution: native resolution or real (e.g. 5 MP, 8 MP) and the interpolated consists of a Chamber of less native resolution, augmented through the use of software. Another trap is the zoom.

There are two types: optical and digital. Optical zoom, is achieved by a few lenses that make the real approach, similar to a telescope function, the image obtained is excellent; with digital zoom becomes the approach using software and the result is not good. Well, I hope this helps you to better target your next digital camera. Although the camera is not that takes good photos or videos, but the photographer, helps a little have the best equipment that your Pocket can afford.



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