The sovereignty made to die and left to live. here it is now appears a power that I would call regulation and that he consists in contrast, in making to live and leaving to die. (FOUCAULT, 1999, P. 294) The power now intervines as the right to make to live, in the way to live, that is, in as to live. Considering that biopoder it establishes the power to the measure that the population applies globally it, the life and to the livings creature. In will to know (1979) it make reference to reference biopoder as for the control, disciplines and regulation of the life.

It emphasizes that ‘ ‘ it would be necessary to speak of? to biopoder? to assign what she makes to enter the life and its mechanisms in the domain of the explicit calculations and makes of power-knowing an agent of transformation of the life human being … ‘ ‘ (FOUCAULT, apud, DREYFUS & RABINOW, 1995, P. 148). This new technology of the power determines and normatiza the body, from the control and of disciplines. by means of the devices of the sexuality and madness it points to be able to discipline it (that he applies yourself to the body, for intermediary of punitive techniques). What it would be another polar region of biopoder. Beyond this polar region he has what he deals with the species human being, while attention object.



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