The photographs that we can obtain digital cameras are of excellent quality and keep fond memories. Why many are wondering because do not take advantage of them to decorate the rooms. A few years ago it was customary to organize them in frames or on a simple Cork as wall. This is changing because decoration with photos, results in our days very economical compared with other embellishment options. An important addition is that it gives us many possibilities compositional, easy to achieve. If you opt for this decor we will check that it is a nice way to our visits, know of us.

According to interior decorators the possibilities that give the photos are endless. A common way of working with the decorating with photos is to create a mural. For this it is necessary to expand them and choose an appropriate framework. In fact some photographs function very well without frame but this depends on the type of surface will be where photography. We have the possibility to add effects or text that can complement the work to enlarge them.

There are very easy to operate internet programs, which allow you to do it fast. Always within the digital manipulation, it is possible to make collages by combining photos with others obtained from internet. Another option is the collage that allows to combine photos with other textures to give the impression of greater reality. As noted earlier, in decoration with photos, there are multiple possibilities. There are companies that can print your photograph preferred on any surface, extending it. Some of the possible materials are: aluminum, are printed on very thin aluminum sheet and then adds another very thin iron, getting a sandwich with the photo effect. In this way we are giving a modern twist to the image and we can also use it for indoor and outdoor. The canvas, in this case a cotton canvas, which has the characteristic of very well resist humidity as light is used. The image on a wooden frame can then mount. In this way we avoid using the framework. Expanded PVC, the impression is made on very thin plates. This material semi-rigid, lets you sharpen images and ensures the durability of printing. It is suitable for the kitchen and for exteriors, since it cleans quickly with a simple treatment. Light boxes, are boxes for displaying photographs, illuminated with leds. They are very functional, since you can easily exchange pictures. They adapt very well to any space helping to create a different atmosphere

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