One of the challenges to those who want to face Windows 8 is the user help protect your digital identity, which some security companies say that it will be one of the most important issues in the coming years. And to protect our identity, what we usually do is use user names and passwords. For some it is difficult to remember them all, especially if they have to be as complicated as possible, and others choose simply use one or two for all your accounts. One of the latest entries to the Building Windows 8 blog is titled protecting tyu digital identifdad, and Dustin Ingalls, its author, explains how both Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 will try to adopt a simpler approach. The next version of Internet Explorer will let users store and access account names and passwords of all the sites and most of the applications that the user use.

So can choose to have your stored credentials and retrieve them when you visit a site protected with password. And applications-style Metro also can access the same features from the moment in which developers are capable of designing their applications with the ability to store and retrieve the user names and passwords. In other post the company already explained that Windows 8 will allow users to access their Windows Live accounts from multiple computers, synchronizing the same settings and other data from a PC to another; and this includes the ability to synchronize access credentials to all computers with Windows 8 to be, making sure that the password is uniform on any PC that you choose. Windows 8 will help not only to store safely, but technology that offers an alternative authentication the user name and password combinations.I.e. will facilitate the improvement of the security of passwords and also the use of new techniques for the protection of digital identity. Of course the option of allowing Windows 8 and Internet Explorer to manage passwords will be entirely voluntary. Pablo.R.

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