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It is in that part where will be your products and services more expensive. But in the center of the funnel you have nothing, and there is one much of your potential customers who would be willing to invest at a lower cost. And that’s where reports or ebooks all play their part. I love this! You have in your funnel tens or thousands of people exposed to different products and services. Watch how I do it to attract the customer to my funnel offer ebooks and audios economic ($ 27-$ 37) offer analysis of web pages ($97) offer my private consultations (more expensive service) and am taking him from the beginning through the funnel. Presenting you various products and services with different prices. And that’s the idea.

Let them try your experience at lower cost to prepare them to invest in more expensive products or services. While other businessmen do not understand why their businesses do not grow, and still growing, added more responsibilities, I have an easy system to follow that it leads to the person being visitor become customer of more quickly through my marketing funnel. I.e., today Juan de el Pueblo is at the end of your funnel investing in your products or services more expensive while Maria el Pueblo is in the Middle by investing small amounts of money. Now imagine thousands of people into your funnel exposed to this plethora of options! But the funnel is used for all types of businesses? Of course Yes! If you sell a service, you can create an exciting marketing funnel where make money everywhere even while you sleep. This I call it freedom of time and financial freedom. I will summarize your goal number 1 is to attract people to your marketing with a free bait funnel. Once inside, your goal is to expose them to different products and services with different levels of prices. And the cycle is repeated to attain financial freedom. You’re using the marketing funnel through a system that allows you to make more money in less time and with less expense?

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