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Print digital photos to remember with digital photos can be done much more than to store them in a remote folder on the hard disk. The increasing digitalisation led to believe that one day everything would be available online. To keep alive the personal experiences and individuality in the digital world, is however always far more difficult than in the real world. Let your memories do not fade, but keep the memory of the most important moments in your life. Photos are not only an excellent mnemonic device, but documenting events and events, which you can show friends later. Since the majority of households in the Western world now have computers and digital cameras – not to mention cameras on mobile phones, it is not surprising that the analog camera is obsolete as well as with film. The digital camera offers many advantages: it is possible to shoot several photos, which can quickly be uploaded or put online on the computer and seen by friends can.

However, the negative aspect is that since the digital revolution, fewer and fewer people print their photos and have a tangible reminders. That so many photos, made that only be loaded on the computer and then online, hundreds of thousands of photos on disk are stored seen by anyone and unrecognized throughout Germany. Precious memories should not land on the digital cemetery, but printed and in a proper place. The photos can be glued into photo albums or hung up in the House. Hobbyists can also edit the photos and glue the best in Christmas cards to the relatives, or create a photo album with personal dedications, and drawings. Nothing captures better memorable moments as a personal album. If you have a good photo printer at home, it’s easy to print photos and to hang them or stick in albums. Alternatively, you can add the digital photos in the drug store or print shop where printers are used for companies. No matter which method you selects it has the photos in his hand at the end and wonders how it ever could think that digital pictures would be a good substitute. Karoline Sanam

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