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SRS PaperDynamix digitized handwritten notes, quick, easy – and secure. Bensheim, April 10, 2008. Who captures handwritten notes with the digital pen by SRS management, can be sure: all data are transmitted confidentially and integer to back-end systems. Guaranteed authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of data and tampering are detected. Commissioned an independent security analysis, commissioned by SRS-Management GmbH, TuViT sought serious vulnerabilities which threaten the integrity, confidentiality, and integrity of data in the concept. Risks during the data transfer, which would preclude using the digital pen solution SRS PaperDynamix, to realize the concept not TuViT emphasises in its opinion.

The result didn’t surprise us, but we are very happy”, according to SRS – Managing Director of Detlev Homilius. It strengthens us to the back and shows once again that we with our SRS PaperDynamix solution ahead of the market are.” Quality is a must for SRS-management, and belong to the maximum data security. “Homilius: from this reason we met from the outset far-reaching measures, in data storage and encryption, as well as in terms of unique identification of all communication partners.” About SRS management and SRS PaperDynamix, the SRS-Management GmbH, headquartered in Bensheim (Hessen) is a systems integrator for mobile business solutions. Our core product: We will optimize business processes around capturing of handwritten data with SRS PaperDynamix. The solution ensures that handwritten data are much faster than available so far in IT systems through open standards, without detours, safe and traceable. Users work proceed as described so far, but much more efficient with their forms and a digitizer pen, the SRS digital pen.

The paper form has been completely reinvented: it makes a direct digital connection. Eliminates media disruptions, errors are avoided and processes alone the processing effort decreases significantly speeds up – by up to 70 percent. Data is not lost and any change will be documented immediately, clearly and permanently. SRS management has best references in all industries, across Europe. Our customers include the Fraunhofer Institute for layer and surface technology in Braunschweig, the University Hospital Basel (Switzerland), Werner & Pfleiderer from Dinkelsbuhl and Viking lifesaving (Denmark). All set to SRS PaperDynamix, just like many others. Information on the Internet under: and on TuViT as trust agents for IT security and IT quality TuViT specializes in the evaluation, testing and certification of IT products, IT systems and IT processes of all kinds, as well as on the verification of compliance with special requirements, laws and regulations (eCompliance). TuViT is of national and international organizations and authorities in the areas of security and IT quality accredited. Accreditations are the recognition of the competence of a body by a parent organization. The accreditations are confirmed by regular audits and thus demonstrate the expertise of TuViT in these areas.

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