Digital Control

INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS: This race is focused exclusively to the understanding of the systems use electrical and electronic circutos teachers highly qualified and always ready to dispel the doubts that students have at some stage of classes, this field is undoubtedly of high demand due to the ease in which the technicians in electronics, ie, newly graduated students, are at work and can develop the knowledge gained in this noble institution. ELECTROMECHANICAL: This course focuses on the relationship between the mechanism and / or electrical devices and energy-related physical phenomena that are involved and there are related to chemical reactions. COMPUTER MAINTENANCE AND DIGITAL CONTROL: Well I think this race is the most important because it teaches students to manage the software and programming and cyber importance is obvious if you have knowledge of current digital systems are one of the foundations of our culture and the workplace. Accounting: As instructed in the general needed to make the administrative system of a firm to succeed and take a good data management and systems.




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