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Of course, when people have able to separate their actions from real life and personality, they feel less vulnerable. After all, what they say and do on the Internet can not be connected with the rest of their lives. This weakens the sense of responsibility for their actions. Therefore, online therapist must help people to build in cyberspace, its real image, it has a deep, therapeutic effect. Well, in addition, beginning work on your network take care of its own openness, that would be the client a sense of confidence in you as a professional. Necessary to separate the anonymity and invisibility. In the first case, a person controls the information he reported in second physical invisibility can not worry about how you look now or what emotions actually feel.

To work online, this effect is of invisibility, especially in the synchronous communication, where the client response to the rapidly changing new message therapist. And to determine what exactly is experiencing a client at the moment, is simply not possible, so remotability communication does not allow time to accompany each written text descriptions of their emotions. In asynchronous communication writing a letter takes a while sometimes hours or days, and online consultant easier to determine the overall emotional tone of the letter. This is another reason why counseling by e-mail is preferred. Invisibility is the third online tool therapist. Even Freud, psychoanalysis spending with their patients, trying to settle out of sight the patient. So way, creating conditions for the transfer.

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