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Promotional disc provides advanced online designer customers the Dortmund Managing Director, Marcus Hwang, and Matthias Banike, have now implemented an innovative idea into action: they allow companies without the help of a graphic designer! to design their corporate advertising for various advertising products and to order directly. I can do this in minutes with the new designer, online on. Vehicle graphics, slides, and even entire stands can be with a few clicks on the computer itself. “With our online designer you must be no graphic designer, to create your own professional promotional”, says Matthias Banike and adds: until recently the progress in software and server development graphics data for large-format prints online to process and create a layout with the aid of an online Designer allows. ” The self-developed online-module provides everything you need: the customer gets a formatted print template and how can design modules Select colours, fonts and icons themselves. Of course, it is possible your own images or company logos in the design template upload. So the desired layout with just a few clicks lands on vehicle -, ground -, wall – or window film, banners, posters and advertising systems, which can be ordered all of them directly from the design module. The online designer meets in particular the needs of many self-employed people and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Because they often have no own graphic design. Even the smallest quantities are also possible via the portal pressure. But the best: No graphics knowledge and no own graphics program is needed. The entire range of promotional disc products is with the online designer easily and completely according to own design. For those who want to trust a design agency with the layout of your printed products on the experience, the alternative is completed print templates within the ordering process, as upload PDF file. It is clear in all technical progress: If there are individual wishes, experts as also with personal advice on the page are. “

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