Elsamex Company

The works have been carried out for the Elsamex company that awardee was from the licitation of renting done by the town hall. One is a model of exemplary work that supposes benefits for all the parts: the City council obtains a canon by the renting of its covers, the promoter by its investment and the citizenship by the generation of clean energy. The powers of the facilities have oscillated between 20 and 100 kws for a 1,200 total of kws that at the moment 1,800 provide annually Mwh clean energy. The facilities have been realised on pavilions, schools, swimming pools, centers of leisure, For Zero South Degrees have supposed everything a challenge by the great disparity of typologies of realised structures: coplanales, on elevations, levelings, For the future Zero South Degrees it has in march different photovoltaic and thermal projects as well as the implantation from national level of his store.

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