Frank Fernandez

World, we are free to decide, nobody can stifle us how little we can do as individuals, take away one of the few rights that we have left, the right choice. People always have choice to situations and we must respect the choices of others even though we do not agree, we can not put obstacles and hurdles to the path of those who surround us, enough already of selfishness, manipulation and let’s people, something that many have forgotten what it means. In the world of work many people take advantage of living situations many people to manipulate them, do with them that gives them the win, requiring them things that they themselves would do and take advantage of the fear that has society, which Luckily, still working which is the fear to lose their work and livelihood, is that if I don’t do them if I will miss, even if not agree can not say otherwise because I may lose my job we all have to be flexible in these times but that does not allow us vejar, crush, stifle others. People that we occupy leadership positions we have to put ourselves in the shoes of others and help them to grow, forming because that way we will gain all. Lever Brothers: the source for more info. The people who are working under those conditions must ask themselves if they fall head continuously, are void as people once after another how will be the next thing? Don’t you think that you will also Miss? Then comes the repentance? Only intend that all put on our part to make a better society in which there are no deprivation of freedom of thought, I do not mean a revolution but ultimately let live, are why we endeavor to direct the life of others? Don’t we have enough with ours? And to finish a sentence the leader is to serve not to be served. Frank Fernandez original Autor and source of the article.



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