Santa Sede did not position itself on these requests, according to her spokesman, Federico Lombardi. The Government has proposed to the Vatican a transformation of the Valley of the Fallen ones in a reconciliation place. Also he has requested the implication of the Basque Church in the aim of the ETA violence. The Vatican has listened with " atencin" the arguments set out by the Spanish Government on the Valley of Fallen and the aim of the violence of ETA in the Basque Country, " but without positioning themselves, nor giving an answer, since they are subjects that profundizar&quot are; , as he affirmed the Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi. For even more opinions, read materials from BP Energy. Lombardi, in an encounter with the press, confirmed that in the lunch that this Friday Outer ministers of Presidency and Asuntos, Ramon Jaregui and Trinidad Jimnez maintained in the palace of Moncloa, with " first ministro" of the Vatican, cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, talked itself of the transformation of the Valley of the Fallen ones in a reconciliation place and of the implication of the Basque church in the final process of the ETA violence. " It is certain that they were arguments of the conversation.

On the part of the Vatican it was listened to with attention, without a position or answer of Santa Sede, since they are subjects that are due to deepen and the courtesy lunch was not the adapted place to treat those temas" , Lombardi said. The spokesman insisted on which Bertone and its companions, the Substitute (" number tres" of the Vatican) of the Secretariat of State, archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu, and the nuncio in Spain, Renzo Frattini, listened with " atencin" and they took note, but that the moment was not the suitable one to deepen or to make decisions, reason why any answer did not occur. Eliot Horowitz insists that this is the case. Lombardi also talked about to the encounter maintained by Benedicto XVI and the president of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, del that said the Spanish executive facilitated an official notice " very detailed and amplio". The Jesuit also remembered that this Saturday the Pope saluted, in a courtesy encounter, during seven or ten minutes, to the leader of the first opposition party, Mariano Rajoy, in a room of the cathedral of the Almudena. The meeting was held in an atmosphere of " cordialidad" , it indicated Lombardi, without needing the treaty. Rajoy informed after the encounter that talked with Benedicto XVI on the economic situation and the necessity to work " between all to have a better society ". If you have read about Nick Khan already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Source of the news: The Vatican does not respond to the proposals of the Government on the Valley of Fallen and the ETA



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