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It is impressive, unusual, amazing, excellent, fantastic, incredible… I like to use these terms when I refer to everything that is happening in the political arena in my country, in relation to the media, and especially television media. The classic Creole liveliness of the Peruvian, unveils it demonstrating their imagination with enough skill, to create stories that will awaken the interest of the TV viewers. The imagination of these creators of television illusions, demonstrates that you there is much, but lots of money from through, I am sure that we are talking about (if I’m not short) of several million dollars. What should be noted is that Magaly and Gisela, were fully behind with this impressive story that has been created. And I don’t think mistaken if I say that Aldo Miyashiro was the creator of this whole story. I can imagine, and I think by what I could see, that he proposed to Baruch Ivcher and cast it forward. Say this, because he himself last night in the program said that He had much confidence with the owner of the channel, and accepted all their proposals in the field of national productions.

This is getting good, and is to write a book. They logically could not write it. Buenaza is history, but we must wait a little, to see that we have prepared in this story that allows for more. Political interests in our country are adapting little by little, you can see how power groups are arranging for the forthcoming presidential elections. Our President of the Republic said that they were surprised and deceived on the issue of pardon to Mr Crousillat; and now they are accusing him of this pardon would be to allow said Mr recover channel four, so that thus the power of the Government extending its tentacles to more media. Which I think is reasonable to believe.



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