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The senior military commanders of EE UU, have begun work on a strategy of war to cyberspace. In October came into operation a new area of the U.S. air force, under the command of a commander of cyberspace, with around 500 ciberguerreros; part of whom are graduates of the first generation of its own training center. The foregoing is not product of the overheated mind of the Yankees; 2007 will be remembered as the beginning of the ciberguerras; Russia from cyberattacks paralyzed banking, police and Government offices in Estonia. Pentagon officials at the time accused the Chinese military of cracker Office of U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the British M15, leading multinational, warned that China was investigating its ciberdefensas. Finally mention that, during the last presidential campaign in the United States, the secret service would inform the teams of Obama and McCain, that pirates had entered their networks looking for clues about future strategies policies. The world to changed and developed a new reality.

However it has failed if Brazilians, Mexicans, Argentines, Chileans, or Venezuelans, to mention a few of the countries with more resources in our part of America, are doing something about it; What is undoubted is that if we do not unite efforts, we can do little to protect our strategic information and control centres, even in the face of corporate stakeholders or even individual crackers incursions. It seems that, in the usual manner, we covet having the best armament of past wars; We spend billions of dollars, euros or rubles, in weapons that are currently useless if we do not have computer centers that support them and we are capable of shielding our information, both civil and military, against cyber attacks that potentially, not only neutralizarian our computer centres but that they could lead their use against us. Is necessary, that we do not behave like the Disunited States of America, we have in our young people (including those who have migrated to the United States and Europe), the potential of knowledge and skills to face the future in a world governed by the handling of the information. There is no doubt, however, that our ability to have the technological resources and computer equipment is limited and that not is it justified for a country separately, but if we unite our capabilities, we have still the opportunity to enter with opportunity and success, we have lost in the industrial era, this new was post-industrial information and cyberspace. It must be take into account, in addition, that the youth is individualistic and computer gurus are highlighted in this; We need to create a collective mystique that, without losing the sense of individuality, encourages our geeks to be identified with the Latin set * to the world, to be able to trust that their personal actions will join community efforts.

We have to demand that our Governments which take seriously the future, with the technology and the social psychology of the future; already vast of being late to the party. We are witnessing such a drastic change that the advantages, that developed countries might, are relative and surmountable; We’ve all seen as the India and China have successfully incorporated. Together we have the population and fields of application, enough to potentially have the human and material resources needed, it all depends on that, our rulers, the understanding opens them and unite the resources and the political decision necessary to face the challenges of the future.



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