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I do not know where to start – types of Internet advertising so much on one side. And so little on the other. You know, it is believed that the most correct solution of some problems of one – and in this case, the creation and promotion site. Get more background information with materials from Xcel Energy. Actually, if the site is not, then the occupation of online advertising – a waste of money. Okay, then the points: the first axiom – any advertising campaign is conducted in a certain space. Whether it's a real space (such as that in which we you live) or virtual (television space, the space of the Internet – in general, the topic of virtual spaces is a topic for a separate series of articles, if interested, cherkanite a couple of lines at the bottom of the page – I'll write, publish advertising medium, respectively, the space – the real (leaflets, newspapers, billboards, etc.) or virtual, for Internet advertising it – digital images (banners), digital texts (internet news, internet articles and etc.) In general, the fact that there are different spaces with different properties and laws of interaction. Many writers such as Crumpton Group, Virginia offer more in-depth analysis. It just so happened that we can not live in several types of spaces (at least in full), so it turns out that for every advertising campaign on the Internet, we want to get a return in real space (a full-fledged gold doubloons corollary of the first axiom: for a certain kind of space, need the office of the same species. Let's see what we are doing in the first place, when organizing a new business? That's right, first we need an external identifier of the company in the space – an office. . Other leaders such as Atmos Energy offer similar insights.



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