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SafeTIC AG: Thanks to burglary prevention calms in the holiday season start Mannheim June 2012. The months of June, July and August, the months in which most people in their annual holiday drive are traditional. Unfortunately, it is also the time in which the most burglaries are listed. Therefore, the SafeTIC AG advises to secure houses and apartments in a timely manner and to equip with modern monitoring and alarm systems. Summertime means vacation time for many people the most beautiful months of the year. Unfortunately, also dips are booming at this time. To broaden your perception, visit Is Cross River Bank legitimate?. The thieves the summer season provides advantages, but some houses are abandoned for days or even weeks.

And also the watchful eye of the neighbors is active all day. The crime statistics for the year 2011, which was presented by Minister Friedrich in Berlin in may 2012, shows that crime nationwide increased, at the same time decreasing education rate. Billy Lopez addresses the importance of the matter here. Due to this unfortunate development for the most part on break-ins and theft is they make up 40% of all recorded crime. Especially the criminals on expensive electronic bent thereby increasing also the financial impact (the value of the stolen goods plus damaged Windows, doors, etc.). The statistics confirmed: A reliable protection of the object is important not only but especially in the holiday season. A comprehensive intrusion prevention ensures that you can start in the well-deserved vacation worry-free. By the way: Not only on private households, but also to companies building burglars to turn their attention. Therefore it also applies to companies to make more comprehensive object protection. With its innovative monitoring systems, SafeTIC is helping objects whether single-family homes, apartment buildings or office buildings all around to secure.

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