League Party

The club of Castellon de la Plana has decided to accept the order of Liga de Professional Ftbol. It has not allowed the radio transmitters to enter the field to carry out his work. They offered to the journalists to enter without informing into the party, they rejected but it. The radio transmitters insist on not paying no type of canon to relay. The wireless means did not accede to the interior of the stage of the Madrigal to transmit the party of First Division between the Villarreal and the Seville that abre, next to Real Society-Barcelona, the third day of League in First Division. The club of Castellon de la Plana has accepted the opinion of Liga de Ftbol Profesional (LFP) and has not allowed the entrance from the transmitters to the football ground. Two hours before the hour of beginning of the party, the wireless means journalists and technicians different appeared in the field of the Madrigal to be able to accede and to carry out their work.

The club denied the entrance to them when not being credited by Liga de Professional Ftbol, although to the journalists the possibility was offered to them of acceding to the stage, but with the condition of no to be able to inform into the party. This option was rejected by means represented there. The Villarreal has showed that it is against this initiative, but that must accept the decision taken by Liga from not allowing the entrance from the radios to the stages. For this reason, the transmitters have been a total of six that have not acceded to the field to broadcast the encounter. Source of the news: The Villarreal does not allow the radios to enter to relay the party before Seville



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