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The group also develops action of social assistance, since it works with a public who to times meet below of the poverty line. The work of the group Woman Wonder was if expanding in geographic and thematic terms and looks for to work subjects that contribute for the desconstruo of the violence that each day increases and searchs combat alternatives the misery, to the infanto-youthful marginalizao at last, the social exclusion, facing fighting the violence domesticate sexual, poverty, in a perspective of social justice and for the construction of the peace. School Esprita Cristina de Menezes (Figure 7) among others, of these institutions people if had detached just helping the removed people of the recifense center and that they looked the mounts to fix dwelling. Figure 7: School Esprita Cristina Menezes de Discovered Albuquerque in New. 25 L. 0287869. UTM: 9114230: Photo; Dario Galdino, (2010). The research has shown that the calls social institutions already previously cited have exerted the paper before practised by the authorities and in an just-inhabited place. These institutions are comings well, therefore they help the communities if to organize to search its rights, guaranteed for the legislation of the moment, Institution these many times relegated to as the plain one for the managing agencies of the public politics, None another agency has the characteristics of these institutions, since the same ones live with the local population and feel the unpreparedness of them to be organized in its lawsuits and thus to be awarded with the public improvements, therefore the public services must be placed the disposal of the society and in any space where the man if makes use to develop its action. The territorial comment is a form to glimpse the distinct scales and its ' ' desconstrues' ' , as well as cyclical for which it still passes and depending on each carried through research and that its author wants to transmit, thus affirms the text below: According to Marcelo de Souza (1995,81); Territories exist and are constructed (and desconstrudos) in the most diverse scales () territories are constructed (e desconstrudos) inside of most different the secular scales () territories can have a permanent character, but also they can have cyclical periodic existence.



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