Mona Lisa

1-J musician. Oh, yes! You're right! And the one who created such a miracle, divine. poet. Oh, it definitely! He breathed life not in marble, in ourselves, down before a monk, who assured us that God has His mouth flock frightening 1-J actor. And the fear of something caught, oh, the above measures, the Devil can not have a whim.

Includes Leonardo, skipping ahead Mona Lisa, a pretty woman about 30 years, accompanied by a nun. Mona Lisa (sitting in a chair in a low voice). . Again, the musicians? I told me not to entertain. Leonard (removing the veil from the painting Bet). They really asked for it themselves.

Ready to play for fun. mona lisa. And the actors? leonardo. Visiting comedians. They need to earn at least something that does not stretch his legs in their wanderings through Italy. Mona Lisa (poet). How are you? Does docile as ever, your muse? poet. Oh, Mona Lisa, thank you for your kind words. And you guessed it, back Musa. Once again, I am writing, not just sing my old songs. mona lisa (looking at the artist). I stop, as you say. poet. All of Florence as if awakened from delusion and witchcraft Savonarola. And it's not just my impression, and said Gonfaloniere Piero Soderini. He stated that Order Michelangelo sculpt David was the first unanimous decision della Signoria with the times of Lorenzo the Magnificent. leonardo. And it's great. poet. Order Messer Leonardo to paint the wall in the hall of the Grand Council for 10,000 florins and did a tremendous job.



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