Parental Alienation

In the same way that one of the main factors that support and move the modern society is the mentally ill work, a primordial factor for the familiar environment is the parental alienation. The parental alienation does not only have to be seen as the act of a father or mother who influences the son to create a negative image of the partner or, in the majority of the cases, the former-partner, but, also, as one form that, for the point of view of the alienator, is a way to balance or until favoring the way familiar. It is clearly that this will be made by the perspective of it, of the alienator, not of the mentally ill one. Also egoism can be considered. Of one it forms logic, that aims at the concept of the daily pay-determination of the psychological human being, the parental alienation is an extremely logical reaction: if a person if feels threatened, it tends to use all the possible weapons to leave this situation or, the least, to become balanced it more. Unhappyly we know that the metaphor ' ' arma' ' it is a eufemismo for ' ' criana' '. You may wish to learn more. If so, site is the place to go. In this point we perceive that the parental alienation is one so great that it can cause so serious damages, or badly still worse, that a psychological riot. Focusing in the perception of the child, everything it is destroyed, at least. In the worse one of the hypotheses of a parental alienation, the child if finds in the phase where its psychological one still is if forming. Now, if to add this period with the deturpada situation that always precedes the period of the alienation and finally you vary them alienation sections that in the start can very be described well as psychological torture, therefore is what it goes to seem for a child since it goes to have its ancestors fighting and if destroying while everything what it can make is to be attending, if not when it is obliged to choose a side.



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