Private Branch Exchange

So far everything looks pretty normal, but is that a packet switched network brings you more. A packet switched network a packet switched network using VOIP can be very efficient since analog signals of the human voice are digitized and formatted into small data packets ip or datagrams that are provided with information on your cabeceera needed to reach the destination and be reassembled in the order in which they were sent. In the world of bits and bytes the shortest distance between point A and point B is not a straight line but is determined by a number of other known factors such as routing metrics that are a kind of scales with which decide which route should be followed at all times to reach the destination. The congeston route, distance, transmission delay and the number of jumps are some metrics used. As the voice does not require a physical channel is reserved exclusively many more services are possible Through of a network that uses VOIP to make phone calls and videoconferencing. Some advantages of IP telephony to small and medium businesses that have a local area network LAN, it would be very useful and economical to use the existing local area network with VOIP technology for all internal calls to avoid having to hire extra services such as call forwarding, caller ID and other services to the company supplying the telephone service. can allocate a computer in the organization to fulfill the role of PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or unit with the help of specialized software for this purpose as it is Asterisk, (a package of open source software that can manage a wide range of VOIP services) and the acquisition some hardware components that serve to adapt the analog phones to VOIP technology or to replace analog phones or IP phones simply by installing software phones in each of the workstations and regular phones are replaced by computers, headphones, microphones and softphones. .



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