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The Federal Government wants to facilitate the change in the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) for the new year again some car company warranties. So far, employees had to earn three years above the year work pay line to move in the car. This scheme is to be abolished now. The change of the law in the private health insurance on 01.01.2011 should be possible again by unique exceeded of the year working pay limit of 49.950,-euros. The private insurers have already responded and give guarantees, should attract the OOo.

So can now conclude a contract on 01.01.2011 more deserving and so as soon as possible secure for themselves the advantages of private health insurance. In the event that the legislature does not implement the planned legislative amendment, the private insurers offer different options: so might the health insurance application is rescinded completely. Alternatively, some insurers offer the possibility, in a To change option tariff: This means that the customer initially remains in the legal office, but a right to vote can secure themselves. Thus you can at a later time without having to switch health review in the PKV. The changeover in a supplementary insurance to the statutory health-insurance fund is also possible, to secure quality health care, such as the single – or double room in the hospital, and chief physician treatment, also as a cash patient. When selecting the appropriate provider, OOO should however carefully check what insurer they choose.

In addition to a good price / performance ratio, you should respect above all on the terms and conditions, as well as the contribution of stability of the insurer. Due to the long term rising health-care costs will be tended to with rising prices. Therefore such companies, which long term successful in contribution stability, so that the posts in the age remain affordable are highly recommended. Contact: Bergische insurance Broker-Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal Tel: 0202-317 13 155 fax: 0202-317 13 165 contact for the press: Karsten Wallace image source: Yuri Arcurs / the Bergische insurance brokers diploma economists Bogdan Kellinger and Karsten Werksnies as an independent insurance broker founded. With the Internet presence of young the company specializes on the needs of private individuals and professionals, who would want no advice-bound insurance representatives an individual insurance company, but based on independent comparison calculations to get low-cost and high-performance offerings of from various companies. Bergische insurance broker has connections to more than 100 different insurance companies. There are special rates available for various professional groups such as students, trainees, graduates, or certain traders. In addition are also comprehensively all other ages and professions, fair, independent and competent advice. Since 1998, the insurance industry operates, customers over the Internet by phone, and supervised by post – the quotations as well as in the event of a claim. The strength of the Bergische insurance brokers is characterised by a very high market coverage, highly trained staff and variety of services tailored to the needs of specific target groups. With an individual analysis and the use of cutting-edge financial comparison software, customers are advised objectively and independently.

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