The Brain

To explain these facts, Van Lommel has been speculated, following an old tradition that goes back to Bergson, the brain is basically "what metaphor of a radio receiver, a system capable of tuning more than creating aspects of experienced reality. But, unlike the orthodox neuroscience, Van Lommel believes that the psychological reality would not be generated after processing but preexistiria brain and continue (at least for a few minutes) to it. This as unique as speculative hypothesis leads to postulate a kind of extended mentalism, mentalism instead of confined inherent in previous generations of dualism. However, finally is further obscured what would ultimately the role of the brain in relation to consciousness. However, Van Lommel's ideas are a clear example of a crucial experience that enables an empirical hypothesis fertile ground for thinking up new categories for the same unfathomable persistent problem. 4 – The concept of "Mind uploading" is a term coined by the so-called transhumanist philosophical and used originally in the context of science fiction to refer to the hypothetical process of encoding a real mind for later transfer to a ground ( F. Gonzalez, 2005) The prophecy implicit in the mind uploading is that, if made effective, would amount to a particular "kind of immortality, to the extent that the total content of a real mind could be perpetuated in a different physical substrate brain which was originally linked the theoretical challenge give this prophecy touches the problem of mental analyzers and encoders (F. Gonzalez, 1994), frequent concepts arise in the context of prospective studies of psychology, and liable to be expressed in questions like: Is it possible to transfer the contents of the human brain to a computer environment consisting of silicon microelectronic circuits? In other words, feelings, perceptions, emotions, feelings and thoughts can they be transferred, replicated and remain in force in the memory of a computer system? It is speculated that around the year 2040 and further development of these technologies will enable capturing the electrical activity of central nervous system and preserve, therefore, emotions, feelings and thoughts.



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