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The greenscreen Studio by diefarbenull from Cologne with its new live chroma-key technology meets exactly the ravages of time. Cologne, the 26 March 2013 – live-key, live stream, live-bug for the uninitiated like listening to this such as the recent performances at the CeBIT, but the professionals in the field of TV production know immediately: the greenscreen Studio by diefarbenull from Cologne meets with his new live chroma key technique exactly the ravages of time. Now, the new technology in the greenest Studio of Cologne allows backgrounds in the form of animations or images can be directly and live gekeyt. This means: graphics or moving background pictures and filmed actors in the green box are added on the vision mixer to an image. This can be checked directly in the Studio and in the editing suite via a program signal or MultiView screen. Way already during the recordings to determine whether the cameras set up correctly and the actors are positioned optimally for the background.

In addition, customers of the Beamer have in the Living room the way step by step to follow, like the twisted scene before green background becomes a modern newsroom, a desert landscape or space. “The prerequisites for a production at diefarbenull have been optimized so effectively, stresses also the owner of Cihan Hazar: Studio book the green for his production, which are now no longer just the green box and the greenscreen equipment available, but also the ability to control his shots using live chroma-key technology directly.” A total of eight cameras can connect to the live chroma key technique and control over the editing suite. The technique is suitable for every type of production of moderations on commercials to music videos. Moreover, it has increased greenest Studio Cologne in the green screen equipment: in addition to the already existing green screen suits, dice, the stairs and the turntable now also a greenscreen is diefarbenull on request motorcycle and an individually adjustable green screen treadmill available and thus expanding the design creativity of its customers. The green box Studio of diefarbenull in the heart of Cologne’s old town is a modern Loft on a total of 200 square meters.



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