Each individual, therefore, allotment of numerous group minds – of its race, classroom, creed, nationality, etc. – also being able to raise itself on them, in the measure where it possesss one I break up of independence and originalidade' ' (Freud, in Psychology of the Masses and Analysis of I). But who was Ayrton Senna? Talentoso, daring and expremamente fast, Ayrton Senna started the billiards in the Kart with the incentive of its father. Symbol of the search of the perfection to the projection, haunted formula 1 during one decade entire. Dedicated and competitive to the extremity, it affirmed that ' ' it was not contented in being 2 better, exactly that this meant the end of carreira' '. For Freud, the secondary narcissism if relates to refluxo of the libido of objects for proper I. The delirium of largeness, proper to these states, in them indicates the way.

Without a doubt, it was born the expenseses of the object libido. The removed libido of the external world was lead for I and thus an attitude appeared that we can call narcissism. But the largeness delirium is not a new creation, as we know, is the magnifying and the unfolding of a state that already existed before. This takes in them to conceive the narcissism that is born of the withdrawal of the investments objects as a secondary narcissism that if it builds on the base of the other, primary (Freud 1914 2006:72 – 3). In 1992, Senna it was determined to win although dasanimo with the new car that presented imperfections. In this year, Senna it was successful in Mnaco, Hungria and Italy and finished the modest championship nor 4 place, losing 3 place for Schumacher. In 1993, it arrived at the end of the year without being contracted by no team. If it offered for nothing for the team of the Williams, its desire was to be part of the winning team, however was hindered for a clause in the contract of Alan Prost one of its rivals.



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