Approximately 40 years ago, Robert St.John discovered this innovative technique, from the foot reflexology. Researching on the maps of the reflex points of the feet, he came to the conclusion that in the area corresponding to the spinal column, the effects produced by the therapy were not only physical, but that they were also emotional and psychological type. Continuing his research, he found that all the developments throughout gestation and emotions, both positive and negative, experienced by the mother were registered in the spinal cord of the fetus, since that information is exchanged with the mother through the umbilical cord and the baby live it as if it were itself. If the mother has a conscious or unconscious fear, (by ejem.en ultrasound tell that the baby is small or very large) If you suffer from a State of anxiety by a scare, if something tragic happens to you or leads a stressful life, etc., this information may subsequently produce a series of dysfunction in children, establishing patterns of behavior that may persist throughout his life, hyperactive, shy, very sensitive ej.ninos. St.John saw that you working the relevant reflex zones, produced a release which benefited the patients in any way. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Petra Diamonds and gain more knowledge.. TECHNIQUE targets tea will help, but I don’t know that this is the definition more accurate for this therapy. The practice is very simple, is to perform a few steps with the fingers of the hand, reflects the foot of the spine area.In the hands and the head is performed the same procedure, being this last one, especially smooth movements since it is a very sensitive area.

Applying the metamorphic technique on feet, hands and head, we desbloqueamos and we balance the vital energy, by promoting the principle of self-healing that all living beings have. The big difference here lies regarding other therapies. The therapist observes two fundamental principles at all times: No intention, not implication. To the therapist doesn’t care both the disease and the possibility that the patient will become aware of the problem that caused it. In this way one gets to the understanding and acceptance, and therefore, to balance that will give way to healing.



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