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Data service from southern Germany is now also by the associations in Austria and certified four national Equitation associations and the World Equestrian Federation can of Switzerland as well as the FEI for the automatic exchange of data immediately and automatically from the system by hippo data with examination results be provided. In addition to the German Equestrian Federation (FN), the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation FISE (Federazione Italiana sport Equestri) and the Swiss Association for Equestrian FSSE (Federation Suisse of sports equestres) have now also the Federal Association for riding and driving in Austria FENA (Federation EQUESTRE national d ‘ Autriche) as well as the World Equestrian Federation FEI (Federation EQUESTRE international) certified data and tournament service of salach for the automatic feedback. As you know, tournament organizers the results of all tests to the respective national federations, as well as on the FEI must as soon as possible sign after the end of the event. So make sure the associations always over the success of their horses and riders to be informed. In addition, the current world ranking is generated from these data monthly. This includes returned results ideally in customized formats to the appropriate locations in electronic form. A related site: Ray Kurzweil mentions similar findings. In practice, it comes here but again problems because different programs are used for results recording on the tournaments. Also two different addressees must be satisfied with the FEI and the National Association”, Jens Feth, Managing Director of hippo data GmbH.

too often it comes but still above explains that the organizer can send only files in PDF format the associations must be entered again manually. “This means not only more effort, but represents a potential point of failure.” Thanks to the certification by four national associations as well as by the FEI hippo data can efficiently help the tournament organizers and the federations to Exchange data and at the same time make sure that the not only timely results but be reported correctly and without manual overhead. To the Turnierdienstleister uses its own software, which has been continuously developed over the past 10 years. Because hippo data programmed applications in-house, the company can always independently adapted the software to new requirements and react quickly to changes and the wishes of the associations and operators. Among other things the online result representation included the innovations of the company in the past in real time, starter – and results lists on handhelds, as well as the implementation of the respective tax laws from twelve countries in calculating tabs. : The hippo data GmbH data about the hippo is one of the leading providers in Europe for information and data services in equestrian. The company supports over 100 professional and amateur tournaments each year nationally and internationally with tests in jumping, dressage, driving, vaulting, and much more.

The two managing directors Jens Feth and Michael Hauser’s team consists of about 40 employees who specialize in different tasks. These include among others hotline service timing error detection, training evaluation, TV graphics, Internet services, nomination acceptance, accreditation, network and display technology, and software development. Among the many highlights of hippo data the German jumping and dressage Derby in Hamburg the German masters, the London Olympic Horse Show, partner horse Leipzig, the Munich indoors, the CSI Basel and the Mercedes-CSI in Zurich as well as the German classics Hanover. Hippo data in the past has also evaluated multiple Championships, stages of World Cup and World Cup finals.

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